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Szymon Frank is a doctor whose work is his passion. He has great skills and professional, warm attitude to the patient. Treating every patient individually, dr Frank has my highest recommendation.

Children love this place and the exceptional Doctor ;)podpis koroniewska





Joanna Koroniewska

Dr Frank | Polecają nas

I am comming for dental treatment with my family to doctor Frank. He gained our confidence thanks to his professionalism.

Becouse of the fact he gets involved in what he is doing, it is a pleasure for us to visit his clinic Maciej Rock



Maciej Rock

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The best dentist in town :)

Maciej Dowbor autograf








Maciej Dowbor

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Szymon I love our conversations in the office about the rallies in which not all know You are take active part with success.

Whenever I sit on your chair in the office I know that in the end of this "route" ... you will win!

However the most important and touching for me is that in my every smile is a piece of your work :)

Thanks a lot !rogacewicz



Marcin Rogacewicz

Dr Frank | Polecają nas

Dr Frank | Polecają nas

Dr Frank | Polecają nas

Grzegorz Hyży


Dr Frank
Autorska Klinika Stomatologiczna
Bluszczańska 67 - U3
00-712 Warsaw
+48 609 196 469

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