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Prophylaxis and hygiene


Appropriate prevention and hygienisation of teeth is important to maintain a healthy mouth. Regular visits including professional plaque, sediment and stains removal help maintain healthy teeth and gums, and thus a healthy and beautiful smile. The professional teeth cleaning consists of four stages..

Scaling – sub- and supragingival – namely removing tartar from teeth surface with the help of ultrasound scalers. Plaque is the main cause of gingivitis and periodontitis. It can also result in bleeding gums and consequently to periodontal disease.


Sandblasting – a second step of teeth cleaning involves removal of dental deposits, resulting from drinking coffee, tea, smoking cigarettes etc. with the use of special powder that is safe to enamel surfaces.

Polishing – one of the final stages of professional teeth cleaning in our dental office. It involves polishing all surfaces with a brush and polishing paste.

Fluordation – the final stage, means applying fluor to the surface of the teeth which penetrates into the deeper layers of the enamel and dentin resulting in reminarlization of the tissues.

Hygienization treatment should be repeated regularly at least every 6 months. During the visit the teeth are checked and potential dental caries can be detected at an early stage of development.