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Dental implants


Dental implants are titanium implants, which are plunged into the bone to imitate natural teeth roots, in order to later construct a osseointegration prosthetic.

The process of osseointegration (adhesion of the implant to the bone) depends on the bone density, initial stability of the implant and the surface of the implant itself.

We use Osstem implants, one of the largest implant companies that offer products with a bioactive surface. It makes the process of osseointegration much faster and more efficient. In some cases, even after a period of 4 weeks the prosthetic reconstruction can be done. It is important to perfectly match the shape and size of the implant to the anatomical conditions of the patient.


Implant treatment is a foreseeable method of rebuilding a missing tooth, which takes into account a number of surgical and restorative criteria.

The implantation is frequently accompanied by additional treatments to create the appropriate volume of bone tissue, as well as allow placing implants in those patients who originally were not qualified for the surgery. These procedures include:

sinus lift,
guided bone regeneration (GBR),
guided soft tissue regeneration.

While planning each implant treatment a CBCT scan is performed in order to verify if the anatomic conditions allow implant insertion. We put much emphasis on aesthetics, therefore we take great care of getting an adequate gingival contour around the implant, as well as the final outline and stability of the gingival margin whilst matching the adjacent warts to the surrounding teeth. This will ensure long lasting, functional and aesthetic success.