Our offer

Aesthetic medicine


As to complete our offer and to meet the needs of our patients we introduced aesthetic medicine to the list of basic procedures performed in our clinic. The use of hyaluronic acid to fill creases and the use of botulinum toxin to correct the mimic wrinkles is an effective way to make you look younger.

Among others, we fill naso – labial wrinkles, the valley of tears, enhance contour of the lips, lips’ volumetry, cheeks volumetry, eliminate “crow’s feet”, wrinkles on the forehead, and the lion’s wrinkle.


In our offer you will find treatments using PRP (platelet-rich plasma) – the so-called “Vampire facelift.”

Platelet rich plasma is obtained directly from the patient. The material is rich in valuable components of care and regeneration: cell growth and peptides that regulate natural processes of cell division and renewal of skin tissues.

Research has shown that during the incubation of blood cells are released into the plasma valuable nutrients. After centrifugation is obtained in 100% natural formulation regenerative (platelet rich plasma). This formulation can be administered in the vicinity of the face, hands, neck. It affects as well the regeneration and restoration of hair follicles.